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True Detective - The Mind of Rust Cohle

Unlocking The Mind of Rust Cohle



NOTE: THIS ARTICLE was written prior to the airing of the final two episodes of season one of True Detective.

Rust Cohle's monologues may seem like drunken atheistic dorm room philosophy, and maybe that's a fair assessment — but whenever a character starts ranting about the meaning of life in a piece like this, it's a solid bet they're telling us something about the writer's view of the story.

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Movie Review - Ritual



IN MICKEY KEATING'S 2013 meta-horror thriller extravaganza Ritual, the awesomely-named Lisa Marie Summerscales plays Lovely, resident of South Texas, whose turn ons include smoking at the beach, cruising dive bars and picking up guys with more prison tats than teeth.

 Spoilers ahead...


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Movie Review - John Dies At The End

John Dies At The End

JOHN DIES AT THE END has a relatively tiny budget, but it's still one of the year's most anticipated movies. The novel it's based on, by Cracked's David Wong, was a huge Internet sensation, and we've been starved for truly oddball, universe-melting comic weirdness at the movies lately. So how does the movie of John Dies hold up?

The good news is, John Dies At The End is a film that punches its weight artistically. It's no masterpiece, but it's well directed with good comic performances, interesting characters, an intriguing premise and a story that unfolds at a satisfying pace. I give it two and a half demon-possessed mustache attacks out of four. Spoilers ahead...

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Movie Review - Sexy Evil Genius

Sexy Evil Genius


IN SHAWN PILLER and Scott Lew's dark comedy thriller Sexy Evil Genius, Katee Sackhoff plays Nikki Franklyn, the eponymous comely genius of dubious morality. And the former Battlestar Galactica star is joined in this oddball, straight-to-DVD flick by an incredible who's-who of geek pop culture.

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Movie Review - Hardware




IN RICHARD STANLEY'S post-apocalyptic techno-thriller Hardware (1990), Dylan McDermott plays Moses, an aptly named desert wanderer who scavenges the wasteland for salvage. On his way to visit his industrial artist girlfriend Jill (Stacey Travis), Moses and his sidekick Shades (John Lynch) purchase a mysterious robot head from zone tripper and Burning Man casualty Carl McCoy. Moses buys the head for Jill as a Christmas present because, as we all know, psychopathic robot heads are a girl's second best friend.

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