Natter Cast

Jason and Sion natter about Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Nurse Jackie and much much more!
  1. Natter Cast Podcast 233 - All The President's Men
    Join Jason, Gary, Jay and Shayne as we discuss Alan J. Pakula's 1976 film "All The President's Men"
  2. Natter Cast Podcast 232 - Highlander
    Join Jason, Malik and Patrick as we discuss 1986's epic fantasy sword fest, Highlander!
  3. Natter Cast Podcast 231 - Game of Thrones 7x07: The Dragon and the Wolf
    Join Jason, Gary, Andrew, Patrick and Alan as we discuss episode 7x07 of Game of Thrones: The Dragon and theWolf
  4. Natter Cast Podcast 230 - Game of Thrones 7x06: Beyond the Wall
    Join Jason, Sion, Donielle, Patrick, Alan and Gary for our discussion of episode 7x06 of Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall!
  5. NatterCast Podcast 229 - Game of Thrones 7x05: Eastwatch
    Jason, Sion, Gary, Alan and Patrick natter about episode 7x05 of Game of Thrones: Eastwatch