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          <rev user="Jason Shankel" timestamp="2012-04-04T18:31:22Z" comment="" xml:space="preserve">'''Jason Shankel's Wiki'''

This Wiki contains documentation of my various projects including writing, filmmaking, podcasting, coding and game design.  It is intended as an extended gloss to the topics on [ my website.]

* You can check out the movie reviews I've written for [ IO9] [[IO9 Movie Reviews|here.]]

* I've also written some science articles for [ IO9] [[IO9 Science Articles|here.]]

* [[NatterCast]] is our entertainment podcast, covering movies and television shows as well as local San Francisco events.

* [[Open Trek]] is a cross platform, graphical open source implementation of the old Super Star Trek game I developed back in the 90s when I was learning how to integrate 3d graphics into game application frameworks.

* The [[Spore Prototypes]] are a series of experimental simulations I developed with [ Will Wright] for  [ ''Spore''.]

* [[The Essential Babylon 5]] is a spoiler-free list of the essential episodes of this groundbreaking series.

* [[Boost Spirit vs Flex/Bison]] is a comparison of the Boost Spirit C++ parser library and the Flex/Yacc parser tool set.

* I am currently working on extending the [[Extended AIML|AIML]] chatbot protocol to create more powerful AI chatbots</rev>